A design agency building brands, websites and campaigns that further businesses and the culture around them.

Based in Duluth, Minnesota over the past 10 years, The Cultural North has been working with businesses and non-profits throughout the Midwest region and beyond—learning what our clients are passionate about and finding the best way to support them through high-tier creative and design.

What is the
"cultural north?"

Museum branding

Great Lakes

Working with the wonderful people at one of the best experiences Duluth has to offer creates the perfect opportunity to discover wonder in everything from TV commercials to a new brand.

Manufacturing Web Design

Exodus Global

A premier manufacturing parent company in Superior, Wisconsin, Exodus Global is home to four innovative brands in the industrial equipment manufacturing industry. Naturally, they all needed a striking website to match.

Retail Branding

Yellow Bike

One of Duluth’s finest purveyors of coffee and merchandise, Yellow Bike Coffee became an opportunity to demonstrate just how far an iconic brand design can take a local coffee shop.

Our vision is to see the culture around life and work at its most fulfilling. And all who share in this vision are among

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