Speak to the hearts and mind

Our world is reaching a point where information has become a commodity—it’s an expectation that whatever we need to learn will be readily available and accessible. 

What has remained a rarity is the content that purposefully connects with the emotions of a real audience.

Film and animation as digital storytelling have a unique way of achieving this—speaking to real people effectively through brand, music, messaging, tone, and imagery.

Does your brand need video?

The right format for the story

Woman talking in interview


Craft an eloquent narrative through engaging interviews and a thoughtful storyline.

Family of four playing with fish at Great Lakes Aqaurium


From script to final output, weave together a tale that seamlessly conveys your brand.​

Social Media

Captivate your users and ensnare new followers through engaging footage of real experiences.


Utilize futuristic elements for your websites and more with moving illustrations in 2D and 3D.

How we create powerful films

1. Aspire with our creative team

Creating a thought-provoking video that’s reflective of your brand starts with understanding the goals and outcomes of the end result. Once achieved, we move into a deep dive, where we’ll work to uncover the unique story that will achieve your video’s purpose.

Videowork comes with an array of nuances and solutions. Some may be suitable solutions, but we’ll work with you to find the concept and format best in line with your brand, voice, and goals.

2. A kickoff that aligns our teams

Every project has unique, definitive needs and goals, as well as a vision that drives it. We kick things off with a drive to define what those concepts are and collaborate to build out an actionable plan to launch from. To ensure we leave you with a product that honestly represents your brand and accomplishes the over-arching goals of your story, we first need to make sure we understand them.

3. Production

Our work is our passion, and we’re committed to collaborating with you to deliver a video that will accurately and effectively showcase your brand and achieve the goals of the project. 


Filmmaking is an art form that The Cultural North is deeply invested in. Whether your project requires on-location, studio options, or both, we’ll have the necessary equipment ready for high-quality production. And we’ll have some fun, too!

4. Editing & Publishing

Editing is where the magic really starts to unfold. Based on deliverables discussed with sales, our editing team will get to work creating your final video piece(s) following the completion of production. 

Once you have a great film piece, it’s important to know what to do with it. We can work with your existing digital presence and help you build up new channels and platforms to help you reach your target audience.


Projects with film

And it starts with a conversation

And we have even made that part easy for you.