About us

what is the

cultural north ?

It’s not about geography

We often ask ourselves “What is the peak of culture? What is north on the compass of culture?”

And we’ve come to find that it’s not a specific people group or a singular organization. It’s the best values being lived out and worked out by those who want to live intentionally serving others in the world.

We are not masters of the subject but are constantly in heartfelt pursuit. And we believe that anyone else who shares in that vision are among The Cultural North.

So why design and marketing?

Because we want to see a world where the most people possible are thriving. Our specific focus in that ultimate vision is in the culture of organizations—that they can be clear, intentional, and people-centered.

All of that requires great storytelling, great communication, and great strategy. So while there are many ways to help the world thrive, and even to impact culture, we bring our strengths to come alongside yours and build towards this vision.

Behind and in front of every brand are real people

Meet the team behind our brand and so many others​. To us, we are more than our job titles, so take the time to read through their biographies.


Creative Director / Founder

Passionate about all things creative, Beau Walsh is always in search of the most memorable and effective ways of communicating ideas—from aligning people’s visions, to crafting board games and writing music.


Director of Operations & Sales

A prolific athlete in high school and college, Aaron Johnson is specially equipped to align our team and our clients towards each of their aspirations and goals with clarity and honesty.


Graphic Designer

Madeline Roberts brings a distinctive quality to her life and design work with her passion for learning Japanese, finding inspiration, and maintaining the coolest desk in the office.


Marketing Manager

We’ll never let Gavin live down the morning he decided to just run a quick literal marathon by himself before work.

His humble but intentional tenacity never ceases to amaze us.


Multimedia Specialist

Ethan Gibbs is a master at taking on new challenges, grasping the essentials, and synthesizing them into a bigger picture in web development and filmmaking along with his personal pursuit of music in his own recording studio.


Web Developer

A true craftsman, Bo Brallier spends his time completely remodeling his own home, perfecting coffee brewing for his business Portage Coffee, and building websites.


Project Manager

Our work involves many intersecting plot lines to get a project to a satisfying ending. Sarah Lilleodden brings her deep passion for narrative and storytelling to orchestrate the many characters and adventures that each day brings.