For thousands of years, wanderers would lift their faces to the sky in search of stars to guide them home. Discovering which direction led North made it possible for them to orient themselves, to ensure they stayed on course. Whether they were traversing forest, sea, or desert, it was only after finding the way North that they could find their way at all.

Now, fast forward a few thousand years. Put yourself in the present age. Where there were once stargazing wayfarers, there are now screen-happy daydreamers. A map of the world fits in the palm of our hand. With just the touch of a finger, we can fly from one task to the next. Technology is an incredible force, driving us towards a future of endless possibilities.

And yet, we’re not unlike those wandering wayfarers; we can’t escape the fog of buzzwords and selfie sticks, lolcatz and trolls. We’re oversaturated with messaging, clickbait, and cliché. Throughout the day, our attention is pulled in multiple directions. Sure, we can use an app to find North – but that doesn’t make us feel any less lost.

Let’s face it. The time is ripe for change. It’s time to reorient ourselves. It’s time to clear away the debris. It’s time to rediscover the power of clarity. Of simplicity. Of good, true, and right things.

It’s time to usher in a new era. An age in which even the messiest parts of our culture can be disassembled, restored, and rebuilt. We are agents of this new era.

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