Distilling values into words and images

How we go about branding

In today’s oversaturated marketplace, your brand is more than a logo or tagline—it’s the essence, the beating heart of your endeavor. We recognize the profound depth of crafting a brand identity that not only resonates but reverberates through all the excess noise.

We strive to build brand narratives that are not just heard, but felt. Because in this era of transient attention, it’s not about mere existence; it’s about making an enduring impact.

Focus on what you need

With our five branding modules

1. Visuals

What unique visual symbol and standard is making your brand instantly recognizable?

2. Positioning

What are the key characteristics that make your brand stand out in its industry?

3. Audience

Who are the exact people you want to attract, and what are they looking for?

4. Messaging

What words are you using to connect to the hearts of your audience?

5. Mission, Vision & Values

What are the underlying philosophies that motivate and inspire what you do?

How we build iconic brands

1. Dream with our brand experts

What identity do you envision for your brand? What emotions, thoughts, and narratives do you want to evoke? Might there be deeper facets of your brand’s essence that have yet to be unearthed?

Investing the initial time to immerse ourselves in your vision not only sharpens our aim but ensures a brand portrayal that feels authentically ‘you’. And rest assured, our conversations aren’t just about finalizing a design; they’re about weaving the fabric of your brand’s story.

Branding board at the Cultural North branding kickoff session

2. Kickoff to align

We embark on the creative journey by first understanding the ethos and essence of your brand. Our process isn’t asking you to articulate it from nothing. Nor is it for us to dictate it to you. It’s through a guided conversation that leads us all to the most helpful and precise answer.

3. Adventure into design

Inspiration, discovery, and creative ideation begin our journey through the design process. Mockups are designed, and those that meet approval are go the extra steps of being methodically curated.

Finalized designs that embody your brand and push the limits on what a logo can truly accomplish are polished into functional and practical deliverables. 

4. Press it down

The branding process is one that we both enjoy and thrive in. But in reality, upon completion is when the real fun begins for your organization.

A brand is as much of a living entity, as your organization, evolving with time, feedback, and market dynamics. We don’t just leave you with a style guide; we equip you with the understanding and tools to let your brand thrive, resonate, and influence. Your brand is now ready to not just exist, but to leave a legacy.

Make your mark

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It all starts with a conversation

And we can even make that part easy for you.