Picture of mother with two children

1Roof Community Housing


Making housing more accessible

1Roof is a phenomenal organization that assists with the purchase, education and renovation of housing in Duluth, MN. They needed a website that simultaneously expresses the outcome of warmth and security that comes from working with them.

We worked in collaboration with and were inspired by the designs of Cassandra Houston to create a dynamic and striking homepage.

Putting a community in motion

1Roof is never stagnant. Their services truly move our region forward by uplifting those who need it. With this in mind, we set out to make an engaging site that utilizes subtle motion effects.

Intentionality behind every user experience

Mobile responsiveness is a must, and with the unique three square column layout of the homepage, we had to come up with a way to make it work on a phone. Our solution was to make certain square columns jump to full width to highlight the most important content.

Know when to use a grid and when to break it

Grids are a powerful way to bring an understandable structure to a design. But the real art comes in breaking out of it at just the right time. The grid layout for the site’s homepage presented numerous challenges that we welcomed and it goes a long way in creating a truly unique experience for the 1Roof users.

Good design starts with a good process