Making the world more understood

One of the best experiences in Duluth for children and adults to discover the world beneath the surface. Great Lakes Aquarium creates an abundant source of wonder in our community.

Branding / Commercial Video / Print

Great Lakes Aquarium logo with fish

2017 Commercial

Our first project with the Great Lakes Aquarium was to film and animate this snappy 30 second commercial that brought together the whimsy of their team with the classic look of their brand.

The Great Lakes Aquarium slogan, Discover Wonder
Fish from the Great Lakes Aquarium logo

A new tagline for a new brand

The aquarium’s vision is to see people feel connected to, value, and protect the world’s water wildlife. So with that, we had the opportunity to develop out a tagline that invited visitors into that future together.

Business cards for the GLA designed by Beau Walsh
A mug for the Great Lakes Aquarium with the fish from their logo
Good branding starts with a good process

2020 Commercial

Returning three years later with the same wonderful family, we had the opportunity to film another delightful 30 second TV spot highlighting the experience that all ages can have in other areas of the aquarium.