How a Marketing Campaign changed the city of Hermantown, Minnesota

Whether you’re running a temporary ad campaign to instill change within your community, or you’re trying to gain more traction as a business, a full marketing campaign will ensure that your efforts are successful. Working with an outside marketing firm such as The Cultural North is a great way to focus efforts on your goals without having to find the resources from within your organization. 

Benefits of an advertising campaign

Advertising campaigns allow you to stand out against competitors and stay in the front of the faces of your target audience. By doing things like creating and handing out exclusive merch, sending out targeted, useful emails, creating a strong presence on social media, and other marketing efforts, it can:

  • Give you better brand visibility
  • Help you successfully launch new products or services
  • Bring in more/new clientele

Without some kind of marketing campaign plan in place, you’re basically hoping to attract clients and customers with word of mouth. 

Let’s Play in Hermantown & The Cultural North

Let’s Play in Hermantown is a full marketing campaign that The Cultural North led in order to successfully spread awareness of the benefits of a temporary 0.5% sales tax increase in Hermantown, MN. The tax increase did pass following the 2022 midterm elections just a couple weeks ago, and will be used to put more money toward completing the city-wide trail system, upgrades to Fichtner Park, and a new indoor sheet of ice.

We were able to assist the city in this endeavor by running a full marketing campaign in order to inform residents that the tax increase would be on the ballot and know what it all entailed, as well as how it would benefit the entire community! 

Our marketing efforts

It takes more than word of mouth to successfully relay this message to the residents of Hermantown, MN! After sufficient planning, we were able to run this campaign with a series of thoughtfully developed tools and strategies including:

  • A new website to direct the public for more information
  • Helpful and informational videos 
  • Digital marketing including social media, messaging, and branding
  • Social media strategy, design, implementation, and boosting across multiple platforms
  • Physical marketing including yard signs, shirts, flyers, and more

There’s no limit to what you can do with a good marketing strategy and a team of experts committed to reaching your shared goal. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you run a successful long-term or short-term marketing campaign for your organization!