Client highlight: Wild State Cider

While we offer a variety of digital marketing services here at The Cultural North, one of our foundations is website development. For years, we’ve been working to provide our clients with beautiful, intentionally designed, and innovative websites. We’ve honed in our project process to ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. Because building a custom website is a long journey, and we want you to have a positive experience with us from start to finish. 

Building a website with The Cultural North

We like to think the building of a new custom website as more of marathon than a sprint. It isn’t a quick process, and when you try to cram as much of the process in as little time as possible, you end up falling flat on your face long before you even reach the finish line. 

Following the sales and scope process, you’ll receive a proposal with what we believe will be required to build a new website. Once that’s been signed, we begin with a kickoff. We’ll walk through what it’s like working with The Cultural North as well as both your and our expectations of the process. If time allots, we’ll also touch on the specific goals and parameters of each page that will make it to the final website. Either way, the next phase will be a content exploration meeting where these will be discussed in further detail. 

Our design phase is where everything really starts to come together. The first page that will be designed is the homepage as it sets the tone for the rest of the site. Following will be the high-level and interactive pages you wanted featured either has shining stars on the website or as landing pages. Once all the designs have been approved, everything moves into development. Following a final site review with you, we’ll launch the website. The final step will be a hand-off, where we’ll give you all the tools you’ll need to have a website! Learn more about our project process here.

One client we had the joy of working with was Wild State Cider. After a moving through the entire process we them, the new website was officially launched in the fall of 2023. 

Working alongside Wild State Cider

Wild State Cider is a locally-owned and operated cider house in Duluth, MN. Founded in 2019, they’ve worked since to create fun and unique flavors that push the limits of traditional hard cider. One thing that prompted the organization’s fruition was the desire to solve a problem. They noticed that most ciders on the market were filled with added sugar, preservitives, and artificial flavors. Did we mention sugar? Because of the natural fermentation process that apples go through in order to make hard cider, all of this extra stuff unnecessary. Here, the foundation of Wild State Cider was formed.

We had a blast working with this company. Not only do we appreciate their mission, but their unique branding made them a client that sought out a website that would stand out amongst the rest. Some of the features that we enjoyed creating and building particularly included:

  • Animation added to the logo
  • Scrolling function on the About page
  • What we call Scooter McGavin – if you can catch him

Our favorite page? The Taproom! Not only is it full of all the information you might need before visiting their location, but it turned out be such a fun page to both design and build. 

Working with us

Like what you see here? Let’s get started! Step one is to delve further into our website and step two is setting up an exploration meeting with our team. Contact us when you’re ready!