How a Marketing Campaign changed the city of Hermantown, Minnesota

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Whether you’re running a temporary ad campaign to instill change within your community, or you’re trying to gain more traction as a business, a full marketing campaign will ensure that your efforts are successful. Working with an outside marketing firm such as The Cultural North is a great way to focus efforts on your goals […]

Trendy vs. Timeless: What’s More Valuable for Your Business?

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Trends come and go, but the legends never die, right? How can this ideology impact your brand, though? We often see big companies go through several logos and brand changes throughout their life – queue Instagram, Snapchat, Urban Outfitters, and all the rest, but that doesn’t mean every business must follow current trends.  Whether you’re […]

Practical & Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

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Whether you’re posting blogs or drafting up the perfect website content for your homepage, it’s important to focus on the searchability of the words you’re using. Why is this? Without paying attention to what users are commonly searching for when you’re hoping they stumble across your website, the chances they find you at all diminish, […]

5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Target Audience

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The goal of marketing is to reach your target audience via channels like social media, email, Google, catalogs, etc. By doing so, you can reach current and potential customers, and increase your brand awareness and further your brand’s reach. Knowing this, what should your marketing team focus on to reach your target audience? There are […]

Fun and Effective Marketing Strategies For Fall

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Fall is in full swing and while it may not be the most popular season (it’s spring in case you were wondering), it’s still a season that many people look forward to. So, it’s time to take advantage of the changing weather and explore some fun and effective marketing strategies to conjure up new business […]

Why Does Social Media Matter?

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Social media has taken hold of digital marketing by the horns. If you’re wondering why, here’s a fun statistic for you: Americans spend an average of 2 hours and 47 minutes on social media every day. And that’s only the average!  Let’s talk a little bit more about why social media matters, and what it […]