New Brand, Who This? Signs it’s Time for a Rebrand

If you’re wondering why branding is important, then it’s probably time for a refresh and I beg you to read this article. Your brand is the entire personality of your business and it’s what your audience will associate with you when they consider investing in whatever it is that you have to offer. Are there any companies you can think of that just leave a bad taste in your mouth? It’s most likely because of their branding. Being intentional about yours will make sure that isn’t you.

There are a variety of indicators that will tell you that it’s time to rebrand your business.

Your brand no longer reflects your business

As with everything, we change, we grow, and your branding should reflect that. Whether you’ve gone through a recent acquisition, changed up your business model, or completely revitalized your product line-up, your brand needs to align with who you are and what you do now, not five or six years ago. Maybe not even one year ago.

Some things that go into creating and building your brand include:

  • Your mission, vision, and values
  • The product your service you’re offering
  • The culture of your organization, both internally and externally
  • Social media
  • The website
  • Your logo, iconography, font, and colors
  • Content, voice, and messaging

All of these aspects need to align and complement each other. Don’t work against yourself by being inconsistent.

Everything’s out of whack

Your branding should be consistent between your website, physical location, social media, ad work, and other marketing materials. If parts of it feel like it’s a little bit more updated while others are still reflecting a past version of you, then it’s definitely time to refresh the brand.

No matter where users, clients, customers, etc., are interacting with you, they should be getting the same experience regardless. That includes what they’re seeing and how they’re feeling.

Your market has changed

No matter what the reason is, you very well could have faced a market shift. Is the brand that you had for the old one still compatible with your new audience? How consumers see your brand will have a huge effect on whether or not they want to work with you. If they get bad vibes or feel like you just don’t relate to them, why should they invest in your business? Customers want to feel like you get them, and a well-thought-out brand plays a big part in showcasing that.

It just looks outdated

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with it other than it just looks and feels drabby. You could have also made trendy decisions in 2012, 2016, or even 2022 that felt like a really good idea at the time but now make you look outdated and behind on the times. Regardless, your logo and branding are a complete reflection of who you are as a company and it’s okay if it’s doing a bad job. Now, you can begin the journey to fix it!

It’s been more than 5 years

If you’re not sure if it’s time for a brand refresh or not, ask yourself when the last time you refreshed your brand even was. If it’s been more than five years, revisiting it and breathing a little life into it is never a bad idea. If it’s been more than 10? Run to your nearest design agency, please, for the love of design.

While we wouldn’t recommend completely changing your brand every 3-5 years or even 10, you should be refreshing it. Revisit the standards that have been set for you organization and determine whether they’re still reflective of you are or if you changed and grown and you need standards that show that change.

People don’t know who you are

There’s a good chance that if people can’t pick your branding out of a lineup, you aren’t doing enough to stand out. Audiences connect with quality products and services, a genuine vision and values, and a voice that literally speaks to them. Are you working to do these things and showcase them? If not, then it’s probably time to go back to the drawing board so you can ensure your brand is aligned with your goals and the goals of your market. Don’t survive in spite of yourself, thrive because of your effort!

Working with The Cultural North

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