How to build a website for your customers and not your departments

Have you ever come across a website with so many pages that you’d rather wait for the film adaptation? Whatever job you have, you most likely do it five days each week, and eight hours each day. So naturally with all of that time comes an abundance of things you could talk about, whether it […]

How Business and Design Shape Each Other

Design is the arrangement of ideas. It aggregates a mess of messages to communicate a solid concept to the audience. Designers are raised amongst this innate sense of organization. The rules of applying emphasis becomes just as engrained as photoshop and typography. Every tick mark influences the way in which things are perceived. The best […]

Design with Authenticity

Culture likes to amplify the traits of it’s major influencers. Character’s like Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Stephen Colbert and Barack Obama are heroized or villainized based on their latest behavior. These extremes cause such polarizing views on the famous. One could go from global protagonist to antagonist in an hour. This view on people isn’t […]

3 Ways Design Gives Directions to a Destination

Months ago, a friend asked me during lunch this question–is a website an advertisement or a destination? We both had nerdy grins at the prospect of a philosophical design & marketing question. After a brief discussion we came to the conclusion that a website is a destination. That answer came too quickly for me so […]

Design & Kitchen Nightmares

Yes, we’re talking about the Fox TV show starring the more-bleeps-than-not celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. I’ll admit, I really like the show. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’m kind of hooked. Granted, they annoyingly pack exposition and dramatic transitions like a burrito with too much rice. But there’s still […]