Destination Duluth: Celebrating 10 Years of Positive Growth

Duluth, MN, is more than just a city that sits on the edge of the almighty Lake Superior. It’s made up of a community of individuals who are committed to leaving our city better than we found it. One organization that works hard to improve our city as well as highlight everything that makes it great is Destination Duluth.

Who is Destination Duluth?

Just having celebrated its 10th anniversary, Destination Duluth is an organization that The Cultural North has had the privilege of working very closely with and learning more about. Operating as a non-profit, their mission is to “educate and inspire people about the quality of place of Duluth, Minnesota, thereby shaping the city and region’s positive growth.” By highlighting everything that the city of Duluth has to offer those that choose to put down roots here, Destination Duluth is able to draw in people from all over the nation that are interested in joining our way of life as well as adding to it. 

Several community members and local organizations have gathered together in order to make Destination Duluth what it is today. Through their story-telling, business highlights, Duluth perks, beautiful photography, consistent social media presence, and more, they’re able to help create a city we can continue to nurture and love for years to come.

How can you support Destination Duluth?

Destination Duluth is a 501c3 nonprofit and they’re able to operate without assistance from any city or corporate funding. In order to continue maintaining their organization and program, they operate off of donations from community members all across the northland. 

If you would like to support them in their mission of creating positive growth in Duluth, MN, you can visit their website’s donation page.