Working Alongside Arrowhead Community Employment

Throughout the last few years, we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Arrowhead Community Employment, something we’ve been able to enjoy on both a personal and professional level. We’ve been committed to helping them along their journey in supporting the valued members of our community with disabilities and watching all involved thrive within their growing community. 

Who is Arrowhead Community Employment?

Arrowhead Community Employment (ACE) is an organization working to bring a sense of lasting joy and fulfillment to people with disabilities through professional development, community involvement, and personal support. They strive to bring this vision to life by helping each individual explore and develop their gifts and interests as well as supporting them as they explore new opportunities.

They’re able to accomplish these goals by providing a variety of services such as:

  • Employment through Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) where support recipients get to explore their interests and passions, develop skills, and find suitable employment 
  • Additional, on-the-job support from caring job coaches 
  • In-Home Support (IHS) services providing goal-oriented assistance that strives for independent living, community access and awareness, and skill development.
  • Day Support Services that provide the opportunity for low-key, stress-free, enjoyable, and healthy activities

ACE is focused on finding the right employment opportunities for each service recipient based on their wants, needs, and interests. They work to accommodate everyone and create an open environment where they can seek fulfillment however they desire. Through competitive, integrated employment, they know they can help bring a sense of lasting joy and fulfillment into people’s lives.

Arrowhead Community Employment and The Cultural North

As with any organization, its success is strongly correlated with the effectiveness of its marketing plan. So, we partnered with ACE to help them develop a collection of marketing tools that are designed to help them focus their efforts and drive their success into the future. 

We have been able to accomplish this through thorough discussion on what their organization does, what their mission and vision are, and what their goals are for the future. By discovering all of these small but meaningful pieces of information, we have been able to give them exactly what they need to be successful. This includes individualized marketing strategies, design tools, videos, website creation, and more. Through continued support, our goal is to help them discover their worth to society, support and encourage them in their development, and open the door for them to thrive within their community!

Our final thoughts

ACE provides an invaluable service to members of our community who deserve a life of fulfillment as well as a community that supports them in their journey of self-discovery, development, and job satisfaction. We’ve loved working with them and helping them to take up more space within our community and look forward to continuing those efforts as we move throughout 2023.

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