Website Design Trends in 2024

Whether you’re building your own website or hiring a company of experts to do it for you, there are a variety of designs that are trending in 2024. While trends are great to keep up on, we recommend looking for innovative ideas that are going to remain timeless. We’ve curated a list of trending design ideas that we believe will accomplish this goal. 

1. Clean and simple? No thank you

Webflow suggests that something we may be seeing for years to come is, “denser, richer graphics.” The main reason for this being that computing power is getting better at handling more “design-intensive sites.” This really blows the door wide open for designers, allowing them to really take your brand and run with it. If part of your identity is maximalist, your website is going to be able to reflect that. 

With all this being said, if you’re brand identity does fall more in the way of “modern” or “minimalist,” then we don’t recommend maxing out the design of your website simply for the sake of this design trend. What’s most important is that your website reflects who you are as an organization, regardless of what is or isn’t trending in the world of design.

2. Is my screen glitching or is it supposed to be doing that?

“That thing where the stuff scrolls faster than other stuff”

If you’re wondering what parallax scrolling is, it’s, “a technique where background content moves at a different speed than foreground content, creating an illusion of depth and a more dynamic visual experience.” It’s a great way to add another layer of elements seamlessly into your site’s design without overcomplicating it. 

3. But what if the letters moved?

The main purpose of typography that moves is to both draw users into a specific message that you want to make sure is conveyed as well as create a more dynamic, interactive website. Furthermore, “kinetic typography is expected to become more interactive, responding to user actions and integrating with other design elements for a cohesive and immersive experience.”

In addition to dynamic typography, there’s also a shift toward utilizing typography as a design choice rather than just words on a page. How can it be utilized to enhance the design rather than just be a par of it? 

4. Unleash your inner Tolkien

This idea of Brand Worldbuilding is an organic evolution of branding or brand building. Instead of just creating a brand, you’re creating a world with it’s own culture and inviting your audience to join you. Your website is an important part of this process—a chapter in your story, if you will. Inviting in your audience to help you determine where to begin and where to go, you can completely rebrand yourself surrounding this idea. 

Developing a mission, a vision, and values that align with your brand and the people who join you is basically step one of this process. Following that, you create a logo, set branding standards, and other assets that help you continue telling this story and that visually invite people in. Once you have all these foundations set, you can build a website and construct your social media marketing strategy around creating visual pieces that tie everything together. 

Learn more about Brand Worldbuilding here.

5. Now make it super smart

AI has really taken off since it became much more user-friendly in 2022 (hello ChatGPT). Since then, there have become numerous ways that you can integrate AI into web development, no matter what platform it’s being built on. We, personally, develop our websites on WordPress. Some ways that AI can operate on a WP site according to webdevinclude:

  • “Personalized UX” recommendations which gathers data on user activity to send you information regarding their “needs and preferences”
  • Automations such as “content moderation and customer support”
  • Plugins designed that help Search Engines like Google understand your website better

And much, much more. 

Working with The Cultural North

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