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The Cultural North and Our Favorite Places to Eat Pizza in Duluth, MN

Duluth, MN, is a serious tourist destination location. Why? We sit perfectly on the edge of the vast, beautiful, and mighty Lake Superior with the historic lift bridge. We’re also situated near several amazing hiking trails, beautiful state parks, and the north shore scenic route, and have we a flourishing culture. One of our lesser-known specialties is all of the great places to get a pizza. 

If you’re looking for a good place to grab a pie, I worked with the team to find all of our favorite places to grab some ‘za all across the city! 

Vitta Pizza 

While our team may be small (but mighty), there is one restaurant that came up the most when asking, “Where’s your favorite place to get pizza” and that’s the Neopolitan-style Vitta Pizza; and we’re not alone. They’ve been voted the best pizza in Duluth many times. Their Canal Park location is a great place to grab a personal-size, woodfired pizza and either sit out on their patio or find another spot around the area to set up camp.

Some of our favorite pizzas to get from there are the:

  • Classic thin-crust Margherita Pizza topped with basil
  • Tomasso – Prosciutto, goat cheese, garlic, crushed red pepper, topped with arugula
  • Limone – Olive oil base (no red sauce), Parmigiano Reggiano, lemon, and arugula
  • Lolita – Tomato, balsamic vinaigrette, and basil
  • PPP – Pepperoni, Parmesan, Peppadew Peppers, and Basil

You can find the full menu on the Vitta Pizza website. 

Pizza Lucé

A very close second favorite amongst the team is the classic Pizza Lucé. If you want a little Italian experience with your pizza, then this is the place. Not only does their restaurant have an amazing vibe and they serve their pizzas on over-sized cans of tomato sauce, but they have a lineup of pizzas that’s unlike any other. Some favorites include The Maximus, Garden Veggie, The Wrangler, and Ruby Rae; but honestly, this is a running list as it’s hard to really choose a favorite. 

They also have amazing appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, salads, and desserts for you to choose from. Pizza Lucé has really worked to become more than your typical pizzeria. You can find their full menu here

Green Mill

Green Mill is a tried and true restaurant here in Duluth, MN, and has been around and serving us locals for longer than I can remember. While all of their food is delicious, they have perfected the Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. Going classic all-around, one of our fan favorites is the Old World Style Pepperoni Pizza, there’s really no beating it. You can find their full menu on the Green Mill website here.

Should you decide to give Green Mill a try and take your pizza to-go, we highly recommend heading over to Hoops Brewing and enjoying said pizza with a glass of their Fancy Lager. 

Ursa Minor

While Ursa Minor is well-known for their handcrafted beers, they also have an amazing pizza scene. Something that Ursa puts at the forefront of their business model is being unique. You can really see this come through with their drafts (take a look at their tap list here) and especially so with their pizzas. 

One favorite in the office is the Wise Yker Pizza. Following their classic thin-crust, wood-fired cooking style, it’s topped with Yker Acres hot sausage, smoked pork loin, house-pickled red onions, gorgonzola, parmesan, and house red sauce. Not something you would expect on a pizza, but they really make it work. They also have show-stopper paninis, apps, snacks, and a killer dessert pizza. Check out their full food menu on the Ursa Minor Website.

Some other great selections to try out

While we all consider ourselves pizza-loving experts, we can’t be the judge of all of your taste buds. Some other well-known, local, and delicious places to get some pizza in Duluth include:

  • Sammy’s Pizza
  • Lulu’s Pizza
  • Vintage Italian Pizza

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