Making the world more empowered

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a part of the community around them. Arrowhead Community Employment endeavors to help their clients find the most fulfillment they can through connecting with people and the work that they get to be a part of.

Branding / Web Design

Our vision is to see people with disabilities experience the joy, freedom, and fulfillment of contributing to society

Branding built on a vision and mission

The strongest brands have a vision behind them. With ACE, that came naturally with their desire to directly impact those that come into contact with their brand at every turn.

With that laid out, every business decision they can make now can go through the filter of that vision to decide if it ultimately succeeds in providing their clients with joy, freedom, and fulfillment.

A logo can tell the whole story

The logo we crafted for ACE is not just a simple icon but a visual story of what it is that they do. It always starts with the arrowhead, the individual with disabilities, who enters into the target of community and strikes their bullseye through finding employment. We got to see firsthand how this simple way of sharing their narrative ends up being told to everyone they engage with.

Custom icons based on the logo

ACE’s process comes down to four major pillars—discovery, networking, employment, and mentoring. When we went to work building the website, we wanted to demonstrate these concepts in a way that was in line with their brand through unique variations on the logo itself.