Project highlight: Bruckelmyer Brothers

Creating a new website looks a little different for every business. Whether you’re looking for a pre-built website or a completely customized website built from scratch, what you choose will be solely based on your needs. We want to make sure you have a good idea of what a custom-built website journey looks like when you work with us. We also want to share with you our experience with a recent project we had the honor of completing for a business local to the Duluth, MN area. 

Building a custom website with The Cultural North

While we don’t strictly build custom websites, it is something that we love working on for companies that are looking for their website to do more than just function as a landing page. While it does take more time to get to the end results when you decide to go on a journey with us down the custom path, the finished product is beautifully designed, functional, and built to your unique specifications. 

To get from ideation to fruition, we strive to follow a specific process when it comes to building your website:

Phase one: Kickoff

The first step to getting you your new custom-designed and built website is to have an initial kickoff meeting with our team. You are going to have needs, goals, and a vision that’s specific to your organization and your website. To discover what these are, we discuss with you each of those concepts in order to clearly define what they mean to you. 

We’ll also take a look at your capabilities and existing assets to build a plan that will help you and each of our team members along the journey of creating and launching your new website. Our overall goal in this phase is to clearly define each task to ensure that every bit of strategy, graphics, and content is accounted for.

Phase 2: Collect what we need to build your site

To have a website, we will need the necessary text and background information to write the copy and we’ll need images, videos, and other graphics for design. Once we have this necessary information, we’ll be able to move into the next phase of building an initial mockup of what your future site will look like. 

Phase 3: The mockups

To begin the creation of your website, we put together an organizational and strategy design that we can use to build a mockup of the design and layout of the high-level pages that will be included in your website. We split this phase into two steps where you will first give us feedback on the homepage design and then on the other high-level interior designs. 

Once we have your approval for the mockups we created, we can get to work on the actual website. 

Phase 4: Building and launching

After we determine exactly what the high-level website pages are going to look like, we can begin building out the physical website. Along with those pre-approved pages, we’ll put together the lower-level pages that we will also show you for approval. 

Following whatever tweaks and adjustments you would like us to make, we will officially launch your new and updated website. 

Phase 5: Maintenance

Part of our package is continued hosting and maintenance of the website we built for you to ensure that it’s up-to-date and always fast, secure, and under control

To view some of our finished websites, check out our projects page!

Working one-on-one with the Bruckelmyer Brothers

Working with the Bruckelmyer Brothers on their new, recently launched website was a blast. Through regular communication and a commitment to their vision, we were able to build them a well-designed website that is as beautiful and luxurious as their brand. 

Learn more about the Bruckelmyer Brothers

The Bruckelmyer Brothers has been operating as the northland’s premier home builder since 1988 and has spent those 30+ years perfecting their craft. Whether you’re looking to build a luxury home from scratch, remodel or renovate an old home fit to your liking, or simply build out a beautifully designed addition, they’re prepared to help you get the home of your dreams. 

Part of what makes them so amazing to work with is that they’ve worked to perfect a design and building process that takes away the stress that normally comes with building and remodeling a home. They begin by connecting with you and learning more about what you want so that they can create a design that will accurately reflect your vision. With that design, they’re able to create a 3D design so you can easily see what your end result will look like. 

They follow the design phase with their building phase. Another benefit of working with the Bruckelmyer Brothers is that they take care of everything from permits to construction to electrical to plumbing, etc. They operate as one single point of contact for you throughout the entire project to increase efficiency and alleviate stress. Everything they do comes with your stamp of approval to ensure satisfaction. 

We know you’ll love working with their team as much as we did!