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How Many Social Media Platforms Should You Be Using in 2024?

One of our least favorite things about social media has been the pressure to be on all of them. For a while now, the motto has been something to the tune of “you’ll reach someone somewhere, so make sure you’re everywhere.” But the numbers just don’t support that idea anymore. According to a study conducted by Hootsuite, it’s actually more beneficial to your business, your brand, your ROI, and your sanity to leave behind your underperforming platforms and focus all your efforts on the MVPs. 

Like what you’re hearing? We thought so! 

Place your efforts in the platforms that actually perform well

Funny enough, this really isn’t even new to 2024, but a lot more companies are finally letting this idea sink in. Ever heard the saying, “A jack of all trades is a master of none?” It’s kind of like that. More likely than not, not every platform is going to be for you. It’s likely that you’ve tried maintaining a posting strategy for most, if not every, social media platform AND it’s likely that only a handful of these platforms actually produced results. This might make you think “I need to spend more time on this platform to increase engagement,” when really it’s better to just say “this one’s not for us,” and move on. 

Even if you are managing to get some leads on every platform, it’s better to focus all your efforts on the highest performing ones than to stretch yourself too thin trying to manage them all. You shouldn’t just be maintaining your presence across your social platforms, you should be dominating the market. And that’s hard to do when you’re constantly juggling it all. To really drive this idea home, in order successfully market on every social platform, you’ll need to:

  • Tailor content to each platform
  • Pay attention to word counts, video lengths, trends, and data on each platform
  • Create a unique hashtag strategy for each platform
  • Target your specific audience organically on each platform
  • Engage with users on each platform
  • Keep track of which days and times are best for posting on each platform
  • Conduct market research for each platform
  • Curating content in relation to why users may be interacting with your brand on each platform
  • Tracking the specific analytics on each platform

Are you seeing our point yet? We’re here to give you permission to stop doing this to yourself. According to current data, most companies feel good about their presence on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook in regards to their ROI. Conversely, many don’t see much reward for their efforts on TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter/X, and SnapChat. 

However, it’s really about what works best for your organization and not so much about what the trending data says—it’s more of just a starting point in your strategy moving forward. If the value isn’t worth it, then the work isn’t worth it either. 

Tips for your 2024 social media marketing strategy

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s okay. Even though what you’ve been doing has probably been a lot harder than it needs to be, implementing something new can feel even more so. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Perform an audit on all of your platforms (content, engagements, follower increases/decreases, etc.) to identify what is and isn’t working
  • Look at your ROI’s—which platforms are giving you the best results
  • Do market research: which platforms work best for your competitors?; which platforms is your target audience using most?
  • Conduct further research into who your target audience is and figure out what kind of content they’re most likely going to interact with
  • Remember to switch gears when needed – remaining flexible in this space will keep you on your way to success

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