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Fun and Effective Marketing Strategies For Fall

Fall is in full swing and while it may not be the most popular season (it’s spring in case you were wondering), it’s still a season that many people look forward to. So, it’s time to take advantage of the changing weather and explore some fun and effective marketing strategies to conjure up new business all throughout autumn!

5 marketing ideas perfect for fall

There’s so much to love about fall, and it’s a great time to revamp your marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness and boost your business. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Take advantage of the fall theme

For many people, fall is more of a lifestyle than it is a season. According to Growth Rocket, a great way to attract new patrons or impress current ones is to use fall inspiration throughout your website design and social media platforms. 

Spruce up your website by giving it a new, updated look. Stay on theme with autumn in addition to increasing the overall efficiency to impress users and give them a smoother experience! Ways that you can do this include:

Growth Rocket also recommends spicing up your social media pages by focusing on a fall-inspired theme that’s consistent with your website! 

2. Don’t forget to share fall-inspired content

People relate highly to seasonal content, especially around the holidays, and sharing useful content with your audience is a great way to connect with your followers and boost your credibility. Whether it’s a fall-inspired blog post you wrote or found, a seasonal promotion, or a snapshot of your spooky office, there’s an endless amount of shareable content you can take advantage of this fall!

Find more content ideas for fall here!

3. Have an “end of summer” sale

Summer is over and you’ve probably already set your merchandise for the fall season. However, it’s unlikely that you got rid of everything from summer. Hotdog Marketing recommends having a sale to clear out the summer items to free up more space for incoming inventory and boost your sales from the leftovers! 

While an end-of-summer sale might be the obvious thing to do, it’s important to make sure your followers and patrons know you’re having one. Effective ways you can do this include:

  • Sending out an informative email to your subscribers
  • Posting helpful information to your social media story daily
  • Go live to showcase what you have left and highlight the great deals
  • Post an informative graphic or short video on your page 

4. Update your hashtag strategy

Having a good hashtag strategy will ensure that your content reaches as many users as possible. With the seasonal change, more people are going to be searching for fall-specific content. In order to reach these users, it’s important to include fall verbiage in your hashtags. 

If you need some help, here are some popular hashtags being used for fall 2022!

5. Have a fall-inspired giveaway contest

A giveaway contest is always a great way to increase brand awareness and credibility, increase followers and website traffic, and reach more users. Take advantage of this awesome marketing strategy this fall by coming up with a must-have prize for the winner, determine the entry criteria (follow, share to your story, mention 1-10 friends to be entered to win, etc.), set your “winner selection” date, and put together an enticing post to attract participants! 

Our personal favorite happening right now is Le Creuset’s Pumpkin Cocotte giveaway happening right now. It’s generated over 38k likes and over 100k comments!

The takeaway

There are an endless amount of ways to use autumn to boost your marketing strategy. Find the ones that work best for your organization and work your magic! Get in touch with us at Cultural North if you want to freshen up your website this season!