Clarity, Intentionality, and Humanity: The Cultural North’s Guiding Values

We live in a chaotic world. A world that is constantly throwing messages, ideas, distractions, good and bad. With the invention of the internet, that sheer amount of information has only gone up exponentially.

Dopamine surges, we see countless alternative lifestyles, and our hearts are pulled in every direction.

But clarity steps in. Wielding the weapons of simplicity and honesty, it breaks through the chaos and gives us a tangible understanding of who we are, where we are, and where we’re going.

But with that newfound vision of the world around us, and a destination to reach, a first step must be taken. It would be easy to stay where we are, content with the distractions. But when a purpose presents itself, we must take hold of the intentionality required to see it through.

We’re going to fail. We’re going to take wrong steps. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to us who know our tendencies as humans. Nor should it hold us back. We have many problems to face on this journey, and assuming that every problem is external will only lead to crawling with our faces in the dirt.

And what would we be taking all of these steps for if it weren’t to elevate the global and individual personhood of everyone around us? When the clarity of our vision and intentionality of our steps come together, it would be easiest to lock into that single focus.

But there are people in front who can pull us forward, people behind us we can pull forward, and people beside us who we can link arms with. And by caring for their hearts, their passions, and their humanity, we can help them find it. And we too can be inspired by it.

The more I’ve come to understand life itself, the more I’ve realized the importance of the clarity of vision, the intentionality of progress, and the humanity of those along the way.