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Best Work Culture Podcasts of 2022

For many of us, work is a place and mindset we spend around a third of our day in. It’s a place where we feel friction and setbacks, triumph and accomplishment. It’s where we get to know people with our same interests and people that are completely different from us.

But how often do we stop and analyze the environment around us to discover what we can change in ourselves and encourage in others?

We’re on a mission to lift up the culture around life and work by learning from those with strong stories, values and visions—but there are some others that are doing a phenomenal job of that as well and are worth exploring.

So here are some of our favorite podcasts out there creating great content in this area.

Culture First Podcast by Culture Amp

1. Culture First by Culture Amp

In Culture First, Damon Klotz gets to sit down with some fascinating people with great insight—from concepts like rethinking trust at work to how to talk about mental health in the workplace. They’re able to cover a wide array of topics and each one is applicable to anyone.

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A Bit of Optimism Podcast by Simon Sinek

2. A Bit of Optimism by Simon Sinek

There may be no voice more relevant to the culture around work as Simon Sinek. The author of books like “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last,” Simon’s captivating personality and thought-leadership lets his guests take center stage as he brilliantly dives deeper into their ideas.

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The Rework Podcast by 37signals

3. Rework by 37signals

Thought-leaders in the industry of productivity and work, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson have a great deal of insight they’ve developed over years of work under 37signals. With software like Basecamp, and HEY, they know how to get things done while establishing guiding principles and sticking to them.

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The About Page podcast by The Cultural North

4. The About Page by The Cultural North

We’ll take this opportunity to make a plug for our own podcast since we have a pretty unique take on the format. Our main question is “How do your stories, values and visions all come together to impact what you do with your life?” We get to encounter a lot of really great thought-leaders in that area and then dive into each of their stories that got them to where they are, the values they live in every day, and their vision for the future.

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The Company Culture Podcast

5. The Company Culture Podcast

An 8-part limited series of episodes, the Global Company Culture Association put together a simple collection of discussions around topics like “Inspiring purpose-driven leaders” and “Working Hard vs Working Smart”