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TGC is a well-known entity that provides amazing resources, networking and conferences for pastors and Christians all over the world. While their main reach is for Americans, they have a whole other side to them that specifically seeks to help bring resources to the underdeveloped places of the world where access to strong theological training is very difficult.

Traveling the world and learning about other cultures is paramount to our agency’s mission and vision. This particular project took us to Africa to create a short film series about the work being done by Gospel Coalition International Outreach.

This film highlights two specific pastors in Mozambique as they share the need for theological training in that area. It was truly a pleasure to work with such passionate individuals.

Setting out to develop a marketing piece that could be handed out at a conference, we wanted to come up with something that would be memorable. Our goal was to convey just how big the need for printed resources for pastors who are leading churches but with no training, and no access to books.

We realized that a bookmark without a book is just a piece of paper. Especially at conferences in the United States, those attending are constantly handed free books that they probably won’t ever read, yet there exists a great deal of like-minded individuals who pour over every rare book they can get their hands on.

The Gospel Coalition Bookmark Campaign by The Cultural North
Book cover design by The Cultural North

We also have had the privilege to work with TGC on developing original illustration and design for various book covers for the Arabic speaking world and other languages as well.

One of the bigger projects we did a cover for was a book written by multiple African and American pastors combatting the Prosperity Gospel which seeks to take money from vulnerable people. Over 100,000 copies have been freely given across the world and it is currently being translated in 7 languages.

Arabic book cover design by The Cultural North
Arabic book cover design by The Cultural North