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Your brand is a culture defined by aesthetics, written word, & shared values

It starts with a kickoff meeting

The process begins with a conversation about what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Our goal is to better understand the values that will define your brand and clarify the visual direction you would like to take.  

Example Visions

Defining a shared vision

A brand is not “just a logo.” It is the cuIture that you create in light of your shared values. What you value will determine your vision (what you hope to see) and your mission (what you hope to do to make the vision a reality).

Collecting examples of visual directions

Based on our conversation during the kickoff meeting, we will create four or five collections of various logos, fonts, and photographs grouped together by a shared theme. Your feedback will help us better determine what visual direction you would like to take.

Presenting multiple brand options

After we determine a visual direction, you will be presented with up to five original brand options based on your preferences and informed by your values.

Then we refine the aesthetics

And deliver a full logo package and brand standards manual

Here are some examples:

Yellow Bike Brand Design

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