Reimagine Wellness logo


Making the world more healthy


The founders of Reimagine Wellness set out to create an entirely new way of teaching the basic standards of health in regions that are culturally, economically, and generationally diverse. Together, we created a brand that represented their engaging and dynamic approach to teaching wellness.

Telling the story

The phrase “Eat better, move more” is a powerful set of four words that sets the stage for an engaging video that communicates not only the big idea of the brand, but also the positive and uplifting tone that speak it in. We worked with the team in Willmar, MN to bring their concept to life.

Move Move
Eat Better
Eat Better, Move More
The breakdown of food, re-imagined as the Reimagine Wellness logo

The logo concept

As we dug into the unique methodology that Reimagine Wellness brings to their audience, we discovered that much of it centered around their daily health tracker. Each day, their students check off the boxes based on their actions. But we discovered that good health isn’t just a single day’s worth of boxes, but the compounding effect of making more small healthy decisions every single day.

Bold Web Design

With such a dynamic and engaging brand, we needed to create a website that matched it. We made use of the bright colors and bold paint splotches to capture the visitor’s attention and bring them towards the calls to action throughout the site.

The Reimagine Wellness website on an iPad
A journal for the Reimagine Wellness campaign
A woman writing in her journal for Reimagine Wellness
Custom icons for Reimagine Wellness
Custom icons for Reimagine Wellness
Custom icons for Reimagine Wellness

Illustrate Wellness

The Reimagine Wellness team came up with a brilliant journal that featured educational lessons and work sheets to accompany the classes and daily tracking. We saw that as an opportunity to fully extend the brand all the way down to fun illustrations on every single page.

A page from the Reimagine Wellness journal, titled A Look at Nutrients
A page from the Reimagine Wellness journal titled How to Track Wellness