Locally Laid Egg Company - The Big Game Video by The Cultural North

Locally Laid Egg Company - Film

To say that working with Locally Laid was a treat would be an understatement; they are  true tastemakers of local character and wit.

In September of 2013, the founders of Locally Laid had made it to the first round of the Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest. So when they called us and said they needed a video introduction to their company, the very next morning we found ourselves being pecked by the little LoLas (their chickens) as we ran around Wrenshall farm.

Starring LoLa’s head clucker, Jason Amundsen, and written by LoLa Marketing Chick, Lucie Amundsen—we filmed, edited and created original music for the final piece which would become just one of many factors that brought Locally Laid to the number two spot in the country in the race to win a Superbowl commercial.

Locally Laid Egg Company video by The Cultural North
Locally Laid Egg Company Introduction Video by The Cultural North