Lake Ave Restaurant & Bar - Web, Photography & Print

It takes a very special restaurant that can take an ingredient that one might not typically like and turn it into a delicious dish to rave about. That’s what we’ve found time and time again with Lake Ave and that’s just one of the many things we love about working with such a great local restaurant.

Specialty Dinners by the Spoonful

Each year, Lake Ave does a monthly exclusive specialty dinner where they put their creativity to the test. Whether it’s a unique take on a classic food style, or partnering with another local business, the multi-course specialty dinners are always a treat.

For the year of 2018 we worked with them to build a campaign using a crafted spoon for each dinner. Each spoon was then used for a collective poster, and then individually shared on social media before each event.


Delicious food deserves to be displayed well. Photography that can show off the nuances of the texture and color of the food along with the atmosphere and feel of the restaurant can have a powerful impact as someone is scrolling through their social media feed or the Lake Ave website.