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Encompass Learning is the business you call when you want to unleash your potential energy and meet your mark. Zach and Renee Burns use their background in experiential learning and outdoor adventure to help groups unlock their full potential and utilize it to meet their goals.

Encompass Learning Web Design by The Cultural North
Encompass Learning Web Design

For the Encompass website, our goal was finding a balance between learned academic and wild child, because their work requires a bit of both. We worked elbow-to-elbow with Zack and Renee to find a voice and design they could resonate with.

The way we balanced these two characteristics was…For this site, the challenge was explaining in layman’s terms just what it is Encompass Learning does.

There’s always meaning to uncover.

We are Encompass Learning, and this is our logo. But it’s so much more than a logo: it’s a badge of discovery; an emblem of adventure; a sign of camaraderie. And like any unified team, its separate parts work together to form the whole.

Encompass Learning Brand Design

We’re happy to spell it out for you.

Our logo subtley highlights the two main letters in our name, the “E” and the “L,” which come together to form a compass.

Encompass Learning Brand Design

All compasses point north.

We strive to guide our clients towards their true potential. For this reason, the red tip of our logo represents the north point of a compass.

Encompass Learning Brand Design

Traverse the rolling hills and waves.

Adventure lies at the heart of the Northland, where forested hills meet the shores of Lake Superior. It’s important that our logo represents these two elements.

Encompass Learning Apparel Design
Encompass Learning Apparel Design
Encompass Learning Branding by The Cultural North