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El Norte is a restaurant start up in progress that we had the pleasure of developing out full branding. The fresh fusion concept is still looking for their location but we are too excited to not share the work we did together.

El Norte Menu Design

The right ingredients

We set out to not only create a great logo but a full scope of aesthetics that can encapsulate everything behind the brand. That includes typography, colors, patterns and photo treatment—it all came together to create the right blend of Midwest and South America.

El Norte Wordmark Logo by The Cultural North

A unique custom wordmark

For this project, we knew we couldn’t settle with an existing typeface for the wordmark of the logo. So we came up with a hand-lettered custom typeface that captured the story and feel of El Norte

El Norte Pegamoose Illustration

La Pegamoose

Throughout the development of the brand, we realized that there was something missing. It needed one last spice that hinted toward the fun nature and not-take-yourself-so-seriousness that the ownership conveyed.

That creative jut brought us La Pegamoose—a mysterious creature that dances on the line between what makes complete sense and what doesn’t.

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