Amity (n): A friendly relationship; goodwill.

The folks at Amity Coffee understand that serving coffee is an opportunity to serve their community – to transform friendly relationships into lasting friendships.

Amity is located in the far east corner of Duluth, in the Lakeside community. It’s is a vibrant, family-friendly neighborhood. Because their community is central to Amity Coffee’s identity and mission, we created a brand that reflects Lakeside – bright, friendly, and colorful. Specifically, the hand lettering brings an organic, small-town feel to the brand. It’s loose and lively.

Amity Coffee


Another facet of Amity’s identity is promoting a sustainable, active lifestyle. The owners feel a deep connection to the outdoors, and express that connection through active engagement – running, hiking, biking, you name it. And so the pallette of colors is a reflection of those bright, natural hues – a setting sun, the blue of the lake, or soft green leaves.

It’s important to us that the businesses feel intimately connected to their brand – that it’s an extension of their own identity and mission. And so the photos we used also reflected Amity Coffee’s fun and friendliness. Our favorite picture is of the van, because it belonged to the owner, Patty. That personal touch is important to us.