Amity Coffee - Branding, Illustration & Print

The word “amity” means a friendly relationship or goodwill. This coffee shop is all about maintaining a friendly, small-town atmosphere. Amity Coffee is located in the far-east corner of Duluth, the Lakeside neighborhood. It’s a vibrant, family-friendly community. Because community is so central to Amity Coffee, we wanted to create a brand that reflects Lakeside: bright, warm, colorful, and lively.

Amity Coffee Duluth Illustration by The Cultural North

Our goal is to create a brand that creatively reflects the values of a business. The owners of Amity Coffee are passionate about their sustainable, active lifestyle. They also feel a deep connection to the outdoors.

Those values are represented by the brand’s color pallet. We used bright, energetic hues inspired by the natural world: a red and orange sunset, the multi-faceted blue of Lake Superior, and the bright green of springing tree buds. 

In the late 1800s, the Lakeside Village became part of Duluth, Minnesota. Along with that agreement came the decision to prohibit any alcohol sales within that neighborhood. Finally in 2016 the city council voted to make it legal again.

Amity Coffee was quick to jump on that opportunity, serving some of the best local beers in the area.

To commemorate this, we worked with them to design an original t-shirt in celebration of the historic decision. 

Amity Coffee Duluth T Shirt Design